INTERCEPT Blood System for Platelets


The INTERCEPT Blood System for platelets has been shown to inactivate contaminating donor leukocytes including T-cells in platelet products. Various in vitro studies have demonstrated inhibition of leukocyte replication as well as inhibition of cytokine synthesis by leukocytes following photochemical treatment. The results of these studies are summarize in Table 4.

Table 4: Inactivation Claims - Leukocytes
Assay System
Extent of Inactivation*
Platelets in plasma/
Additive Solution
Platelets in plasma
In vitro Limiting
dilution assay
>5.4 log10 reduction of
viable T-cells
≥6.1 log10 reduction of
viable T-cells

DNA modification

Approximately one amotosalen adduct
per 83 base pairs
Approximately one amotosalen adduct
per 89 base pairs
Polymerase chain reaction
Amplification inhibited by amotosalen DNA adducts
Cytokine synthesis
Elimination of IL-8, IL-1β synthesis during storage
In vivo

Murine transfusion model

Prevention of TA-GVHD in a murine parent to F1 transfusion model

“-” means not tested


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