Technology Comparisons


  • Nussbaumer W, Allersdorfer D, Grabmer C et al.  Prevention of transfusion of platelet components contaminated with low levels of bacteria:  a comparison of bacterial culture and pathogen inactivation methods.  Transfusion 2007;47(4):1125-33.
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  • Cid J, Ramiro L, Martinez N et al.  Quantitative and qualitative analysis of proteins in fresh frozen plasma obtained from whole blood donations and prepared with two photochemical treatments.  Transfus Apheresis Science 2008;39:115-21.
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  • Osselaer JC, Debry C, Goffaux M et al.  Coagulation function in fresh frozen plasma prepared with two photochemical treatment methods:  methylene blue and amotosalen.  Transfusion 2008;48(1):108-117.
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