A Single Pathogen Inactivation System
For Both Platelets & Plasma

Even with all the advances in blood safety, gaps exist in the defenses against current and emerging pathogens. Still, transfusing physicians, patients, and their families want the safest blood possible.

The INTERCEPT Blood System

Cerus has introduced a new strategy for protection against the pathogens associated with transfusion-transmitted disease — the INTERCEPT Blood System. The INTERCEPT Blood System proactively and safely reduces the risk of transfusion-transmitted disease by inactivating susceptible pathogens and residual leukocytes which may be present in donated blood components. The INTERCEPT Blood System offers the potential to inactivate untested-for and emerging pathogens before they become a major transfusion risk to patients. While not all pathogens are susceptible to inactivation, the INTERCEPT Blood System offers the most comprehensive approach available.


INTERCEPT Blood System reduces certain risks that testing technologies do not address. Explore the risks faced by transfusion recipients in more detail by clicking on the desired topic in the diagram.

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