Double Dose INTERCEPT Treatment for Buffy Coat & Apheresis Platelets

The INTERCEPT Dual Storage Container set allows blood centers to treat and split double dose platelet units
(up to 8x1011 platelets per unit). One disposable set yields two pathogen inactivated therapeutic doses. The INTERCEPT “Double Dose” approach provides the robust pathogen protection of INTERCEPT while minimizing economic impact.The INTERCEPT Dual Storage set is compatible with both apheresis and buffy coat collections.

Figure 1 : One Disposable Set = Two Therapeutic Doses

A Novel Approach :
Double Dose Buffy Coat Platelets

Pooling up to 6 buffy coats with additive solution is common practice in Europe for platelet preparation. By adding 1 or 2 more buffy coats to the pool, it is possible to create a “double dose” platelet unit with approximately 3.0x1011 platelets per dose after splitting. Overall platelet yield is improved by optimizing the buffy coats and reducing the total number of separations required to produce a fixed number of final platelet doses.

The savings from conversion to a double dose buffy coat approach can be substantial as illustrated in Table 1. For many centers, these savings can fund the implementation of INTERCEPT. Please contact an INTERCEPT representative for a customized assessment of the double dose buffy coat savings possible in your blood center.

Table 1 : Comparison Between Traditional and Double Dose Buffy Coat Preparation for an
Annual Production of 10,000 Platelet Doses

Buffy Coat
Double Dose
Buffy Coat
Improved Platelet Utilization
# of Buffy Coats Required 50,000 35,000
Decreased Disposable Cost & Reduced Waste
Pooling Sets (units) 10,000 5,000
Platelet Addititve Solution (units) 10,000 5,000
SCD Wafers (units) 60,000 45,000
Filter Sets (units) 10,000 5,000
Decreased Power Consumption & Equipment Maintenance
Centrifugation Procedures (6 bucket) 1,667 833
Sterile Connect Procedures 60,000 45,000


University Hospital in Sweden Uppsala was among the first to evaluate the double dose buffy coat approach. Utilizing the INTERCEPT Dual Storage set, Uppsala has proven they can reproducibly prepare and INTERCEPT-treat double dose buffy coat platelet units which meet local requirements (>3.0 x 1011 platelets in 75% of all units).
(Read more about Uppsala)

With the introduction of the INTERCEPT Dual Storage processing set and development of the double dose buffy coat approach, Cerus leads the way in ensuring pathogen inactivation technology is economically feasible for blood centers.

INTERCEPT Processing with the Dual Storage Set :

INTERCEPT Processing with the Dual Storage Set

Platelet Processing Set - Dual Storage (INT25)
Platelet Count Volume Plasma Content RBC Content CAD Time
2.5 - 7.0x1011 300-420mL


6-16 hours
7.1 - 8.0x1011 375-420mL
Instructions for use

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