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The INTERCEPT Blood System for plasma was introduced in 2006 and uses the same innovative technology as the INTERCEPT Blood System for platelets including active compound, illumination device, and treatment steps.

Plasma set

Proven therapeutic performanceThe INTERCEPT Blood System for plasma has been extensively tested in Phase III trials with approximately 5000 units transfused to patients representing all major diagnoses requiring plasma transfusion.  In addition, over 34,000 INTERCEPT plasma units have been documented in an ongoing hemovigilance program.

Designed for efficiency and high throughput Each INTERCEPT processing set can produce up to three 200 mL transfusion units with less than 10 minutes hands on time per processing set.  Up to 36 treated units can be produced per hour per INTERCEPT illuminator.

Treat fresh or previously frozen plasma INTERCEPT provides the flexibility to treat either freshly collected plasma or to treat frozen plasma that has been recently thawed.  This option allows blood centers to choose the processing timeline most suitable to their operations.

Range Requirements for Processing

The INTERCEPT Blood System for plasma is compatible with apheresis and whole blood plasma.  Below are the processing range requirements for the INTERCEPT plasma processing sets.

Plasma input volume 385-650 mL
RBC <4x106/mL
CAD time ~10 min
Transfusion units/treatment 2 or 3 (user option)
Transfusion unit volume ~200 – 300 mL
Type of collection Apheresis or Whole Blood*

* Use of whole blood plasma typically requires pooling of two or three individual plasma units to meet plasma input volume range for treatment.

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