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June - Article Calls for FDA to Mandate Pathogen Inactivation
February - INTERCEPT platelets suspended in 100% plasma may be stored up to 7 days


November - Cerus to Participate in Gates Foundation Funded Effort to Support Ebola-Affected Countries
September - Cerus Submits IDE Supplement to Make INTERCEPT Platelets Available Pre-Approval in Areas at Risk from Outbreaks of Chikungunya and Dengue
July - Cerus Submits Final PMA Module for INTERCEPT Platelets to FDA
April - Cerus Partner Receives Funding to Develop Pathogen Inactivation for Sub-Saharan Africa
February - Evidence Highlights Clinical and Cost Benefits of Platelet Additive Solution
January - ESA Guidelines for Management of Severe Perioperative Bleeding Recommend INTERCEPT for Platelets


December - Cerus Submits Final PMA Module for INTERCEPT Plasma to FDA
October - Cerus Submits First of Three PMA Modules to FDA for INTERCEPT Platelets
September - Blood Collections Suspended in Florida, USA due to Dengue Outbreak
August  - Probable WNV Transfusion-Transmitted Infection Results in Fatality
- Cerus Initiates Two European Phase III Clinical Trials for INTERCEPT RBCs
May - US FDA Agrees to Cerus' Proposed Modular PMA Shell for INTERCEPT Platelets
April - Swiss HV Data Show Favourable Safety Profile for INTERCEPT-treated Platelet Components
March - US FDA accepts request to file PMA for INTERCEPT Platelets
February - FDA Agrees to Cerus' Proposed Modular PMA Shell for INTERCEPT Plasma


December - Cerus Signs Agreement with 2 Swiss Centers for Implementation of INTERCEPT Plasma
November - Cerus to Seek INTERCEPT Plasma Approval in the U.S.
October - Cerus Partners with American Red Cross and Blood Systems for INTERCEPT Plasma for TTP
September - Leading Medical Center in Turkey Adopts INTERCEPT Blood System
August- Maximum Platelet Input Extended for INTERCEPT DS Set
- INTERCEPT Adoption Expands into Latin America
- Cerus Announces Collaboration to Develop Whole Blood Pathogen Inactivation System for Africa
April - General Hospital of Vienna Implements INTERCEPT Platelets in Routine Use
March - IDE Supplement for Phase III Trial of INTERCEPT Red Blood Cells Submitted to FDA
February - INTERCEPT Platelets and Plasma Gain Approvals in Israel


December - INTERCEPT Chosen for Illuminator Contracts in Russia
November - Cerus Awarded New Supply Agreement with French National Blood Service
- France : Afssaps to Replace Methylene Blue with INTERCEPT and SD Plasma
- Swiss Publication Reports on Safety, Efficacy, and Economics of Double Dose INTERCEPT Platelets
- 2010 Dengue Outbreak Resulted in Significant Loss of Australian Blood Supply
- Child's Death Linked to Bacterial Contamination in Transfused Platelets
- E.coli Outbreak Puts Spotlight on Blood Availability
- German Publication Confirms Efficacy of INTERCEPT Platelets
April - TESSI Study Published in the British Journal of Haematology
March - First German Center Begins Routine use of INTERCEPT Plasma
February - interviews Swiss Red Cross in Lausanne regarding INTERCEPT Platelets

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