• Provide robust protection against a broad array of pathogens
  • Eliminate off-site gamma irradiation costs and logistics
  • Simplify overall production logistics
  • Extend platelet storage to 7 days
  • Reduce platelet wastage rate
  • Eliminate bacterial detection
  • Reduce transfusion reactions
  • Optimize economics (obtained 2 therapeutic doses from a single treatment)
Separation Platforms:
Compomat G4 (Fresenius),
Optipress I (Fenwal)

Platelet Suspension Medium:
PAS – SSP+ (Macopharma)

INTERCEPT Disposable Set:


NAL Trollhattan

Customer Profile:
Trollhättan Sweden, Transfusionsmedicin NU-Sjukvården (NÄL)

Date of INTERCEPT Implementation
2010: Buffy Coat Platelets

Annual Collections

• 14,000 whole blood donations

Annual INTERCEPT Production
• 1,200 units of platelet concentrates



Production Profile

NU-sjukvården is a group of five hospitals in the Västra Götalands region of Sweden. All five hospitals collect whole blood and send it to the blood center (NÄL) for processing and distribution of components on demand. The blood center is a leading adopter of the INTERCEPT Double Dose Buffy Coat method. Using this method, they treat a pool of 7 buffy coat units with a single INTERCEPT set and split the resulting product into two therapeutic doses.This approach provides the robust pathogen inactivation by INTERCEPT while minimizing the disposables, personnel, and energy costs associated with both the platelet preparation process and the INTERCEPT treatment.

Production Lab
INTERCEPT processing at NAL requires less than 11m2. The blood center takes advantage of the small footprint of the INTERCEPT illuminator to incorporate component storage in the same space for a complete workfow solution.

A Streamlined Workflow
NAL collections generally occur in the morning and early afternoon. Platelets prepared via the buffy coat method are pooled and INTERCEPT treated on Day 1 and are ready for release on the morning of Day 2.

Proven Product Quality and Safety
Since 2010, when they introduced INTERCEPT, NAL Trollhattan has maintained a rigorous QC program in order to ensure the final blood product characteristics are in compliance with national requirements.  The tables below include Trollhattan’s QC data for INTERCEPT buffy coat platelets. 

Table 1: NAL's QC Results for INTERCEPT Platelets (Buffy Coat)
(Average ± SD)
Volume (mL)
194 ± 5
Platelet count (x1011 plt/unit)
2.65 ± 0.37
pH (day 8) 7.0± 0.04 11

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